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Physikalisches Institut
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Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics: Visualization of domain patterns and their applications.

 Although known since more than fifty years, ferroelectrics are still intensively investigated due to their possible applications in the areas of data storage and frequency conversion. Both these applications require the controlled formation of domains. In our research we investigate techniques for domain imaging, namely piezoresponse force microscopy and optical methods, as well as techniques for domain formation such as advanced electric field poling and UV-laser induced domain formation.

Multiferroics are a rather new field of research that experiences a quasi-explosive interrest in the solid state community. Regarding possible applications, the simultaneous occurence of ferroelectric and magnetic properties in some of the materials makes them very interresting for data storage devices. However, up to now, basic research dominates the activities in this field thereby trying to understand the physical mechanisms governing the properties of these materials.

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